The Pilgrim--A pathway of Spirit

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The Pilgrim--A pathway of Spirit

Unread postby Morning Star » Tue 24 Apr 2012 11:28 am

The Pilgrim

One world dies to birth another.
And when the necessary grieving is done, that is inevitable in the death-rebirth process,
and the clouds clear, the new world is seen in startling clarity.

We are no longer waiting for outer forms—of belonging, value, wholeness, and love—
to wash upon the shore, for All is found within.

One identity that inhabited the old world—reality—then dies,
as it must to birth a new identity within heaven.
Such a Self only dreams of love, for it IS love,
and by its very nature, all that is love gravitates towards it
and reflects its true essence.

Love is born in this Self, anew, in each instant.
It no longer lives in this world of longing or need,
and does not accept the world's labels for its path, the path of the pilgrim.

All other forms that it has known before,
even those identified as a spiritual life or existence,
do not do it justice.
This Self, of the pilgrim, lies beyond all words and forms,
and even such words as these can only hint at the experience such a Self is given.

It lives in the majesty of the formless, and dances in the light of Spirit.

In this place, the pilgrim simply rests,
for there is no other pursuit than to exist within paradise,
where everything is already given.

In paradise everything rests and abounds;
waters flow between the mountains—of our inner experience—
upon which the eternal sun shines
to illuminate the knowing that has been found within,
and that now exists in the Sun's light of All-That-Is.

Morning Star
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