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Unread postby Pony » Wed 11 Nov 2009 10:02 pm

Good evening, Sitting Owl.

How to come by a Spirit name, that is my query.

After the last weekend in the forest, I researched the names, faun, fauna, then I came to Pan, piskies, pixies, Pictish. The piskies/pixies, their description of which made me chuckle, as there are a number of similarities between their ways and mine.

So I still consider a Spirit name.

Then a friend came to my home late last night and tells me the Irish name for 'of the horses', he is an Irish man and most sincere. So I wonder also, about my surname, now. I may change it to 'of the horses' (in the Irish single word) and leave it at that for now. So many names to choose from!

So, what is in a name? Pen name. Spirit name. First name. Surname.

How may I label myself to remind me of who I AM at all times? To inform those around me of my intent, the purpose of my life?

Perhaps I'll keep it close to my heart, whenever that Spirit name comes.

After all. What's in a name?

Sent with much love and gratitude.
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