How to survive financially during shamanic initiation

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How to survive financially during shamanic initiation

Unread postby devdana » Fri 29 Jun 2012 9:00 pm

for 7 plus years my partner and i have gone through a very tough spiritual process that resembles mostly shamanic initiation. as a result a bigger force has messed with our ability to function, hold regular jobs, make money online etc. it actually blocks us from getting money in through regular work and other kinds of work. we are so out of this world "head" wise that we can barely function. in the olden days spirit based communities would assist such people with housing, food and clothing when needed. nowadays in the western world ego rules and no such support exists. we also live outside of the system because of our awareness. have lived in communities and got exploited several times so will never do that again. have been homeless several times. also not an option.
family and friends have already disappeared many years ago as they cannot understand what we are going through. how can you survive financially going through this when most things are blocked except asking people for help and donations.
your opinion please. thank you
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Re: How to survive financially during shamanic initiation

Unread postby Sitting Owl » Mon 02 Jul 2012 2:47 pm

Namaste’ and a warm welcome to the forum Devdana

Firstly, thanks for joining my forum and bringing up a good point about the different cultures’ ways of handling spiritual matters. All the tribal cultures respect everything with a spiritual sacredness and an understanding that it is all a manifestation of The Divine. Whereas our society (Western Culture), which is based on materialism and buying, is full of Religious dogma, superstitions, or misunderstood messages from a personal sub-or unconscious instead of from the highest Divine universal unconscious (both speak in symbol and metaphor) and it usually the Shaman who helps with the understanding of these messages. Today if people want spiritual help there is a lot of the above mentioned barriers to people knowing the truth of Spirit, which ultimately is unknowable anyway.

To answer your question; yes, in some cultures, especially those in the past that lived “traditional” “native” ways, the richest members of some tribes were the “mad” Shamans or Medicine People who had direct communication with the spirit world. However our culture treats our “Shamans” very differently, and if you are in fact such people, you are lucky if you are not locked away or heavily sedated by modern drugs; legal or illegal. But if indeed you are some form of real Shaman, you would also know that the trust you have in the highest power, whatever you want to call it, will guarantee that you will get whatever you need. If you are still experiencing hardship it is because that is what you need at the moment. We all need them from time to time to grow, get stronger, get humbler, or just find our true gift.

There is a spiritual saying that says: “When the student is ready the teacher appears and when the teacher is ready the student appears”. There is also another one that says: “Learning is remembering something that we ultimately already knew; doing is demonstrating that you know it; and teaching is reminding others that they also already knew. We are all learners, doers, and teachers!”

If you are truly experiencing financial hardship, you may need to open up to some other alternative possible ways of living; they are endless regardless of what the majority may tell you.

Please comment further if this is not clear or helpful enough.
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