Understanding a Spirit

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Understanding a Spirit

Unread postby Kittenwhiskers » Fri 29 Jun 2012 11:39 am

I recently have seen a spirit i believe to have been with me for a long time. This spirit had me preform a certain task during a dream. During meditation I asked the spirit to communicate with me. It didnt speak but circled me in my minds eye and expressed unyeilding love. I was so taken with the spirit or angel, (whatever it is that, im new at this) I asked who it is. It has a mask on so I couldnt see its face. Upon asking its mask flew away from its head and revieled a quite grotesque face . It startled me so much my meditation was drawn to a quick halt. I feel like this spirit loves me so much and I could feel its excitment as it showed me its face but since it looked scary( decomposed) I am now kind of questioning it. Should I still communicate with this spirit?
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Re: Understanding a Spirit

Unread postby Sitting Owl » Mon 02 Jul 2012 4:57 pm

Namaste’ Kittenwhiskers

Firstly welcome to my forum and thank you for your question.

There is no need to cease communing with a spirit unless you are sure it has not got the benefits of you and everything else in mind. However I would need to know a lot more about the spirit, you, your situation, and childhood stuff maybe etc. before I could say more specifically for you.

Generally all spirits, guides, dreams, visions, etc etc. are personifications of energies; some are of the universal energies (archetypes) from our universal unconscious that make and destroy everything, give and take form, build and destroy cells; others are from personal unconscious, cellular memory, repressed shocks etc., but they all can only speak to our conscious mind through symbols, metaphors, and projections onto external things and people. Like that dimple or smile on your wife that is like your mother's, for example.

I must warn you about some of the crap that is being marketed today as “Spiritual”, as there is much rubbish among the specs of gold. Much of what seems to be spiritually believable has very little foundation and therefore function. That is usually because the ultimate function is to “make a living”, make money and if that makes a few people feel good for a while, then surely we have a win-win do we not? Not necessarily, because the many are still getting nothing or more problems for their money, effort, energy, life force contribution.

Because we humans can project all these unconscious energies onto our surroundings we all have a distorted view of reality most of the time and this can cause one to have visions of our partner as the monster that is really the manifestation of one’s own past experience with say, an angry dog with a pug nose that resembles your partner’s somehow. Once one becomes aware of this mis-association, then one has the choice to see their partner without the mask of the projection and see a little clearer. We all have very foggy lenses that we view the world through!

This also means that we all have a very unique and individual way of seeing life and all carry many demons and angels from our past as well as universal demons and angels. All these energies can take a form in our mind or projected onto our environment as individually as we are and are never about reality, except in symbolic form, and we are unconscious or unaware of them until we make this association. It usually goes without saying then that these energies personified as either demons or angels are really just aspects of ourselves that are helping us by opening us up to new possibilities or destroying those beliefs and thoughts that are holding us back from growth.

I hope this has been of some help. Please feel free to share more or question anything you are not clear about what I mean.
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