Dreams are our personal mythologies. By understanding their symbolism we can gain insight into the workings of our psyche and connections to Spirit.


Unread postby iancanoe » Thu 30 Jun 2011 10:07 pm

Hello and Peace to sitting Owl.
My name is Ian, I have been praying to and with the American Indian Spirits.
In a Dream i had 12month's ago, i seen Indians in the Form of 3 spirits, one was an Eagle, another a Bear, and the 3rd a Salmon.
A couple of days later i Created this Art piece using a Graphic design Program. It look's Great.
It was a very Powerfull, and touching Dream.
Later that week, i went for a Trip in to town with a freind, not to go Shopping just for a drive.
My freind had to go to a Real Estate or something, he found a Parking spot, that is Usually taken.
I decided to wait for my freind in the car, while he went about his Buisness.
Peering out the window i noticed, right in front of the Car was a Shop, that leases out Frequently to Small hobiest's, Arts n Crafts.
I walked into the Shop and felt a Peace, and a Inviting Presence.
I then Noticed American Indian Art Work. I began Talking to the Lady and told her what a coincidence this was, and told her about my Dream, She said i had been called. The Shop in which she rented for 2 weeks, was a American Indian Aura Photographs, Druming etc.
The lady said that the Indian Spirits are harnesing people they trust to, expand the Message about our decling Earth.
Also Sitting owl, months later i met a lady freind, One day she gave me an American Indian Spirituall CD. How Touching!.
I was Studying one day and had to retreat out to the bush, to regain my Strength and pray to the Spirits.
I played the Music in the car, As i started to drive up a steep mountain Slowly, I started to weep from the eyes and become emotional,
i looked up and there was an Large wedge Tail Eagle, circleing my car and peering down at me.
A true connection, i could feel the presence of the spirits working through the Eagle.
So when i go out the bush i connect with the Spirits, and look for Sapphires.
The Spirits have directed me to find Quiet a large Sapphire and many smaller ones with it.
This is rarely heard of and i know the spirits directed me, because there is alot of Greed and suffering associated with Gem stones,
that i had been a victim of, i feel it was my reward, for if any culture can relate to this is the American Indians, the Suffering they went through was Very Inhumane, I myself have been the victim of Suffering from the White snake.
Though never wanting to resort to Violence, i started to Pray to the spirits, to have the Wicked people that have caused so much suffering, taste there own medicine, and within month's i have seen them fall.
I do not like to practice this to often, though i feel these evil people may have become more humble and have a sense of Humility.

So Sitting Owl.....could you please shine some light on my Experience?, The Dream, The Image's Eagle, Bear, Salmon. Being drawn to the Shop. AND.>>
Eagle Circling Car.
Finding a Deposit of Sapphire's
People i Cursed, and is this Justified?
Why the music moves me like no other?
Thankyou Sitting Owl, Peace.
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Re: Dreams.

Unread postby Sitting Owl » Sun 03 Jul 2011 7:25 pm

Firstly I would like to warmly welcome you to my forum. Thank you for sharing this dream via the forum as that is exactly my intention for it; everyone sharing honestly and openly.
It is said that there is no such thing as a coincidence, and that everything happens for a reason; even you posting on the forum. So everything you have described has happened as a result of your readiness and eagerness to learn. On that basis alone there is nothing you have done wrong. However once we know we don’t have to personally hurt or maim anyone, we can then learn to treat everything as sacred; even things we might be tempted to judge as being wrong or bad. And sometimes if we can help someone to change and reduce everyone’s suffering we will have to do whatever will work.
As a being of the manifest world we all suffer; Joseph Campbell has said that the essence of life is the killing and eating of itself, however some choose to feel bitter about their personal suffering and therefore stagnate their own growth spiritually and psychologically, if not in other ways too.
One of the wisest Lakota’s who died in 1989 was Fools Crow, also known as Wanabli Mato – Eagle Bear. Eagle Medicine is about flying the highest and closest to Great Spirit, God or whatever and not being blinded by His light; Bear is about sharing medicines and hibernating in the Dream Lodge for introspection, look within to our spirit and mind for understanding and strength; Salmon medicine as best as I can remember is about the knowing of wisdom and sharing of it unconditionally, a bit like I’m trying to do via my website and forum.
If Spirit has lead you to a deposit of Sapphires then whatever reason you believe they did that is most likely to be the correct reason. Regarding people you may have cursed, Great Spirit ultimately will only do what is to benefit of ‘All Our Relations’, anything that seams to be a terrible tragedy to happen to someone is only in their best interests, whether they think so or not, or whether you asked for something like that to happen or not. When ever I ask anything of Great Spirit I will always ask that only if it is His will that my request be fulfilled.
Finally music, smells, and tastes are the strongest emotional and spiritual triggers for us all; music more so because it usually incorporates a primordial beat that is reminiscent of our mother’s heart beat that we could hear as an unborn infant and also Mother Earth’s heart beat. Also the concepts of the song of the world and the music of the spheres are spiritual reminders of the connectedness of everything via the fundamental aspect of vibration; all things vibrate at their own spiritual rate.
I hope this has been of some help to you; anything more specific to you personally will be known to you via your intuition and gut feelings. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future. Please feel free to ask more if you are still feeling uncertain about anything; everything that happens, happens the way it is meant to for the good of all.
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Re: Dreams.

Unread postby Admin » Tue 05 Jul 2011 4:16 pm

Sent Via email from iancanoe

Hello Sittingowl

Thank you so much for your reply, you have answered many Questions for me, and given me more insight, and determination to become more Spiritual, Thank you.
I have had a history of substance abuse and been sober for over 2years now.
Life is good now, and i have had multiple attempt's to remain sober, in the past when i stopped drinking, i would continually have drinking dream's, these would annoy me, for alchohol {doesn't deserve a Capital A} has brought much, suffering to my loved one's and i. Now on this New Journey of Sobriety, i refuse alchohol in my dream's
this is such a remarkable transition. In times of Heavyness i pray and meditate and try to connect to the Indian Spirits, i find this reassuring and help's me feel loved. Sittingowl can you tell me why i feel when praying i invisage Indian Spirits,feather's and Design's? they are quick and i cant see there face's , i feel strongly they are the Indians that have Suffered in the Past ?. Sittingowl can you tell me do i Pray to OEWA ? , or can i pray to all that have suffered ?.
I just watched, the Clip on Wounded Knee, thank you for Sharing, it made me emotional, and the hair's on my body stood up at the end, when the indians were, illuminated with the Great Spirit. Just to see the pain and suffering on the face's of the Indians make me cry. I hope the people get there Sacred land back. This is there Spiritual nourishment, and the way forward. As you and i know, gunpowder settle's nothing just brings more greivense's. The most powerfull weapon is Spirituality. The biggest killer of alchoholic's is Resentment, it brings illness then death. Forgivness will set us free, though sometimes it is hard. Jesus said Forgive them for they know not what they do. It took me a long time toget that. They act from a low level of consciencness. Lastnight i was around a Camp fire me and a young man i have been helping, that has Emotional scare's. He said Ian, i find when i take the walk of Christ, i get Spiritually attacked in some way or another. I said mate, Jesus said, they persecuted me for they will persecute you. I said to him the devil doesn't want you doing good, he will work through the Spiritually sick, to bring you down.
Sittingowl, i am caught up, i was brought up to follow Jesus, and i really shouldn't be alive from the attack's i have had from Evil people. I told jesus his still me mate, though i feel guilty that i have been praying to the Indian Spirit's. I don't feel any dissapointment from Him.For my life has been so protected since Converting to Indian Practice.
Sittingowl what are your thought's on my Transition?
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Re: Dreams.

Unread postby Sitting Owl » Tue 05 Jul 2011 4:19 pm

Namaste’ Ian
Thanks for the email and I’m glad I have been of some assistance and I’m very pleased to hear that your determination has increased.
Congratulations on your sobriety, I know it is a very hard road and it takes a lot persistence, patience, courage, and alertness to overcome, but these attributes are the same ones that make an Earth Person.
There is no hierarchy in Spirit so the ‘Indian Spirits’ are coming to you to show you the foundations and simplicity of living as a spiritual person connected to nature. The teachings of Jesus are as valid as any, especially when you understand the messages that are in symbolic form. For example His birth via a virgin is symbolically hinting to the fact that everything about His teachings are not of physical life, but of spiritual life; it is not physically possible to be born from a virgin, but Spirit can be born from a thought.
Prayers are ultimately personal and it is the intent behind the prayers that have the power, not just the words. As far as I’m concerned the best prayers are prayers of gratitude for who you are and whatever you might have; they make us aware of the abundance of help we are given. If we are to ask for anything in our prayers it should be for things that will bring health and help to everyone (All Our Relations). I’m not sure what you meant by praying to OEWA, unless you meant Yahweh, the Hebrew for God, but it doesn’t matter what word you use to refer the highest power of the universe; some people call it The Universe.
It is good to pray for anyone who needs help and has suffered. Everyone suffers, but it is the suffering that makes us stronger; you have suffered and I know I have suffered, but I wouldn’t change a thing for if I had not suffered what have I would not be connected as I am, nor would I be here communing with you of the spiritual matters I have learnt from those suffering experiences.
All of your other comments and advice to the young man is spot on and shows your true understanding of life.
It is very good and important to see Jesus and God as a mate. It is also important to remember the teachings from any tradition that make sense in your experiences of life and anything from any spiritual tradition that does not is likely to be someone else’s twisting of the original teaching; so it is good to let go of those ones or to try to find the symbolic meaning in it, which will be expressive of your experiences.
I’m sure Jesus would be just as glad to hear that you are being helped by the ‘Indian Spirits’ as you call them because my understanding is that there is no difference, remember there is no hierarchy in Spirit. It is only your upbringing that makes you feel guilty. It is even OK to invent your own word for God and pray to it because the only thing that really matters here is your intent and I know your intent is good.
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