A New Look to the revamped forum

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A New Look to the revamped forum

Unread postby Admin » Wed 12 Jan 2011 4:14 am

Namaste' Everyone
Well it has taken me three days, one stint of 24 hrs without sleep, to sort out this new template to look anything like I wanted it to. It has some good features like the font sizing button and rounded edges; I tell you I had all my picture editing programs working hard to sort this one out, and the css codes had my head spinning. I almost gave up on it at one stage and was going accept the huge amount of spent on it as a loss, but I was patient and persistent, and I'm pretty happy with the end result.

So I'm interested in knowing what other people think about the new look and functioning, which is quite subtle, but somewhat improved. Please feel free to make comments; and those of you who have used the old one I'm interested to know what you think. The old one is still stored and ready to use if this new one doesn't live up to expectations.

Happy reading and posting everyone!
Yours in Spirit

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