All is One (by Nandini posted by Admin)

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All is One (by Nandini posted by Admin)

Unread postby Admin » Mon 16 Nov 2009 2:22 pm

Dearest all,
I had a vision a while ago whilst in India and thought to share it with you.

(At Dawn looking towards the Shivalik Hills, Rishikesh).

I stand looking out
across the world
All ashes,
dark, decaying.
A tear rolls
down my cheek
A drop
falls at my feet and
A flowering rose
grows into full bloom.
Its perfume
permeating my being
I look up embraced by its
fragrance and see
a distant star
Its light enters my brow
and a bird of
Great luminosity appears
and sits on my right shoulder.

She speaks:
"Do not be sad, do not be sad.
All is resolved in the
Unity of all things."

Her light infused
my very soul.
I drank my fill of
Her love and compassion.

I said:
"What about all the
birds and creatures of the
lands, seas and air?
What about them?"

She said:
"All creatures are your
very own feelings,
Your love,
Your hate,
Your emotions,
Your mental modifications,
Your very essence.
They are all a part of you
and you are a part of them.
Just love, love and love
All is resolved in the
Unity of all things."

I asked:
"What about the trees,
The mountains,
The Earth?"

She replied:
"They are all in you and
You are in them.
Rest assured,
All is as it should be.
Be happy and
Smell the fragrance
of this rose."

Then she sang
The sweetest of songs,
And as she sang,
Her light grew and grew until
This soul was bathed in the
Early morning sunrise
of Her Essence.

She embraced me with
Her luminous wings,
Then she was gone.
Returning into the
flickering star
in the sky,
And with Her
She took my
Heart and soul.

All is one.

Yours in Spirit
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