Under The Shady Tree

Joseph Campbell says that the artists and poets are the shamans of today, and that they are the myth makers of their time.
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Under The Shady Tree

Unread postby Morning Star » Sun 05 Aug 2012 7:58 am

We sit here, together,
under the shady tree
with purple lilacs near by,
hearing the songs of passers by
—children and birds alike.

We sit here in our togetherness
with the sun that shines upon us,
in peace, in quiet, in solace
but not solitary,
for we have the tree
that stands before us
and the grasses beneath our feet,
and most of all
we have the song of the soul inside of us
waiting to be heard,
waiting to be shared
because that's what songs do.

Yes, we sit here beside one another
with a song in the heart,
so if you ever wonder
what it is that you might do
the answer is
to sing them
in the celebration of the life
that you have
existing here inside of Me
the Spirit of love.
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