Joseph Campbell says that the artists and poets are the shamans of today, and that they are the myth makers of their time.
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Unread postby Morning Star » Sat 02 Jun 2012 7:30 am

The crows call.
They are messengers
announcing the tide of change
in men's hearts.

They call us to the opening
in present sky
that invites us
to walk through
into another world
—where they have flown and visited
and now have returned to bring their call of peace.

There are thin veils that are lifting,
within our world.
Windows, doorways, are opening,
much like the one that crow flew through.

These are chambers to our awakening,
to possibilities within the human heart
to know peace and to come to know
the realm within,
that is of that other world
where the only truth
is love—period.

(Sitting Owl, you are welcome to put any of these poems on your web site, if that seems appropriate to you. Just to let you know. Thanks Morning Star)
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