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Hi Everybody

Unread postby Tara » Tue 08 Feb 2011 5:54 am

Hello to everybody

I'd just like to introduce myself and say hi to everyone. I'm originally from Australia, and am now living in Germany.
I partook in the sweat in Dec/Jan, and even though I wasn't physically present, I was still very aware of what was happening, and believe me something within my own system changed, (putting these feelings into words is quite difficult).

I've been walking my walk for many years now or perhaps I should say "zig zagging" my walk, anyway it certainly hasn't been easy, I still am thankful and look forward to every morning.

I look forward to hearing from you all.
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Re: Hi Everybody

Unread postby sunmoonstarlex » Mon 21 Feb 2011 5:03 pm

Welcome Tara...Zig zag path is interesting! Talk to you soon, I hope.
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