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Unread postby Hawk » Mon 20 Sep 2010 7:59 pm

Hi all!

For now, i guess im Hawk :) Im a 25 year old guy from Victoria. Im a little new to the spiritual community, but am keen to learn about as much as possible.

Up until about a week ago, i never really had much interest in learning anything about the community - but after helping a lady who had dropped her groceries, and learning she was part Native American Indian (from the Hopi(spelling?) tribe), she told me that i was a kind and wise Hawk spirit, and that i should look further into this, if i wanted to solve what was darkening my heart and soul.

This had a pretty deep impact on me, as a lot of things have seemed to be going downhill lately, and days later i stumbled across this site.

Can anyone give me any insight into Hawk spirits, or possibly the Hopi tribe, or even any advice at all!

For the majority of my life i have been able to read people well, and have been told im a natural at healing people, both emotionally and spiritually, these things have always come as a normal thing to me.. i dont know whether they could be linked to what the lady had said, but i thought it might be useful to know. I also believe that when i close my eyes and focus, i can slightly feel the balance of the earth.. unfortunately it seems quite off balance at the moment..

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

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