Simply Being

Emotions; the Energy (Spirit) in Motion. The effects of cellular memory. Some from the universal fundamentals of the dual nature of manifest life, and some from personal, sometimes traumatic, experiences.

Simply Being

Unread postby Morning Star » Sat 14 Jul 2012 4:24 am

There is a moment of Divine grace, when all the dust settles and we become what we are, pure light, pure love. Of course through this grace we are seeing what we already are and that has always been. It is simply the fray of a turbulent tide of reality that has impeded this vision, this truth.

Our heart is always guiding us to what is most peaceful for us in each moment. Unfortunately our heart competes with the tides of the mind and external reality that says what we should be and what we should be doing, in each day and moment. It is hard sometimes to be still, long enough, to hear our heart speaking. Its words are one of love; its truth guides us to nestle on the pillow of a reality that is Divine, where our every wish, that is based on truth for us, is given, and where Divine love is known. Such love fills us so much, so completely, that it allows us to let go of the tides of falsehood that have impinged on our true essence—that is loving and innocent, and born on the wings of light.

Being, the ability to just be, arises through love, through the love of the Divine—Mother Father Spirit. It is our natural state that we can return to through this love—that quietens the tides of falsehood—and tells us "Yes, you can be free."

Spirit tells us:
"You can live in a state of grace, in the complete knowing that Our love and presence is here, and to know that all else that has shaped you—in an outer existence and life—has no bearing upon you because it is not truth. You were always meant to be who you truly are, which is a child of light open to the sun of Our loving in every day. You are this, it is the truth of you, and through grace you come to see this, as all the casing and walls of falsehood fall away. We know that it takes a leap of faith to see this, to be this truth that you are, and this is because you have not known it to be true due to the false reality you have lived by and been taught. But it is true, and the way to live this truth is through the light and loving inside of you. Through love, and opening to the stillness and love within you—within your Divine heart—Our grace can touch you. It can part the waves of false reality, of fear, and of feeling guilt about being and living this way, and the bright sun of our love can shine upon you and open you to a sphere of light, energy, and reality that shows you this IS true, this way of being, this way of feeling and experiencing yourself on a new level."

"Love is the way, love is the pathway that you follow—in your heart—that brings you to this place where love is always known and is already given. And then you can find peace."

Blessed be from your angels and the light of Divine Spirit.

Channeled Meditation:
"Simply close your eyes and come into your heart or soul feelings—the deepest place of feeling inside of you, that is centered in the solar plexus area. Breathe and open up your heart or feelings to a feeling of loving. If there is "noise" on the surface of your mind or thinking, or even on the surface of feeling, then ignore it and just focus in on feeling Our love.

Feel Our unconditional love for you and as you feel this you come to know and experience the truth from Us, that you are only love and that you are innocent and can do no wrong. As you feel yourself held in the safety of Our arms and heart, you know that it is all right to relax, let go to Us, and allow yourself to rest within Us. This opens the door to allowing, to allowing yourself to be who you are, to be an innocent child standing in Our light, and to be the love that you are.

As you work with this feeling experience, by simply dropping into love, into Our arms and heart of love, what you will find is that it becomes easier to let all falsehood fall—the falsehood of what you should be, do, or become. You are simply light, you are simply love, and Our arms are waiting for you, inside of your heart, to embrace you and give to you all the love that will allow you to be free."

And so it is.
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