Connection with Spirit / Holy Christ Self / Higher Self

What are the tools of your trade? Magic feathers from the Great Eagle, or a kitchen teaspoon.
What do you use to connect with Spirit? Tarot, Runes or Medicine Cards; all are holy and symbolic of wholeness.

Connection with Spirit / Holy Christ Self / Higher Self

Unread postby Pony » Thu 12 Nov 2009 11:05 am

Good day to you all.

May I share with you, how I connect with others, at a distance so that I may be of service to the animals or people?

I hold the hair of the animal or person, as I make my requests/seek permission to assist them at that time.

The hair retains the essence of who we are, even after we have left this physical world.

This is the 'tool of my trade', with my petitions for healing.

At times, I make use of a wooden pendulum and bobbing rod, made for me by Peter Rheumkorf in NSW.

I find that both of them are neutral, using them in this way, they add nothing to the communication.

The rod and pendulum, are helpful to see with my physical eyes, what is felt by my physical body during the exchange.

Neither of them are necessary for healing to take place.

Only pure intent, love, concentration, focus and discernment are absolutely necessary.

I hope that you find this helpful, or at least, of interest.

Offered with good intent. x
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